Roy Klaasse Bos

Data & Product Researcher

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About me Some random facts

Born in 1996, raised in a small village near Amsterdam you have never heard of, eldest but smallest (1.76 m) of the three children at home and entrepreneurial from a young age (16), that is Roy.


Graduated from the premaster in Data Science & Entrepreneurship (JADS). Prior to that obtained a bachelor in Industrial Engineering at the TU/e (cum laude). Now doing a Research Master (MPhil).


Worked and interned for both high-growth start-ups and large corporates: Microsoft, TU/e, Studyportals,, UniPartners, Bijlescontact, Stadsverwarming Purmerend, and de Volkskrant.


Mainly interested in Computational Social Sciences, Big Data, and Data Visualisation. Challenges the status quo, falls in love with great design, and a big proponent of reproducible research.

Spare Time

Capturing unforgettable moments in photo and video format. Proud writer and interviewer for The Outlier. Into sports that make you sweat (squash, spinning, body pump).

dr. Madis Talmar

Your work is very impressive and scores maximum points in many categories including in particular your attitude, your ability to work individually and learn and execute new complex methods. For these I really praise you.

Ido Golan

Thanks for your incredible enthusiasm and putting in the extra effort! You are genuinely the best tutor I have ever had. Keep it up!

Ofir Mizrahi

Your project is sure outside the scope, but it's impressive. It might sound small but I really appreciate the way you organize, structure and design everything. People usually work in such mess and don't mind how things come out visually.

Videos Show time!

Six T500 pitchers about the biggest technology trends, world problems and their lessons-learned at TNW 2018.

Aftermovie Studyportals' Summer Event 2018 (thanks to my colleagues, Danko and Rob, for helping out with shooting footage).

The Beauty of Data Visualisation - The Outlier promo video (interviewee: Nadieh Bremer).

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