Roy Klaasse Bos

Data & Product Researcher

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About me Some random facts

I research how people use digital products and services. Currently, I work on user research, experimental designs, data visualisation, and causal inference.


My academic training is in Industrial Engineering (BSc) and Quantitative Marketing (MPhil). These degrees form the bridge between engineering and social sciences which excites me most.


I have worked for a variety of tech start-ups (Studyportals, Prepr), corporates (Microsoft, Volkskrant, and academic institutions (Tilburg University, Eindhoven University of Technology).


I'm the first to admit that data is not the holy grail: numbers never tell the full story. It may confirm your beliefs but it will never tell you the reasons why. In my work, I aim to seek for these answers.

Spare Time

I enjoy learning new things, sharing my ideas in writing, and capturing unforgettable moments in photo and video format. Also, into sports that make you sweat (squash, race biking, body pump).

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